Mulch calculator, do I need a bag or bulk?

Using a mulch calculator is the easiest way to determine how much mulch you will need. Just type in the dimensions of your project area and the mulch calculator will determine in cubic yards exactly how much you need.

Doing it the old fashion way works just as well. However, if you aren’t great at math, the mulch calculator is the way to go.

Mulch calculator, using your head.

First, measure the area your need to cover in feet (length X width). When you have multiple areas that need to be covered, make sure you do this for each area and add up the total square footage.

Next, you need to decide how deep your mulch should be. Personal preference is fine, but we recommend two to three inches. To really keep the grass and weeds out, use up to six inches. Once your have your depth, multiply your total square footage area by your desired depth. For example, if you have 1000 square feet and wish to have 2 inches of mulch your answer is 2000.

Finally, one cubic yard of mulch will cover roughly 324 square feet. Therefore, divide your answer from above (2000) by 324. In this example, you will need 6.17 cubic yards of mulch for your project.

Final thoughts on mulch

As we said, using the mulch calculator is much easier than scratching out the math in your head. If you don’t have access to our mulch calculator at your location, simply call one of our local mulch suppliers and they will be able to tell you how much you need. Many of them will either ask you over the phone for the length width and depth dimensions listed above, or they will be happy to come out to your project and discuss exactly how much mulch you will need.

Mulch Calculator
Each year you should use a mulch calculator to determine how much mulch you need

As always, remember to ask them what type of truck they will be delivering the mulch in. Factor in where you need the mulch to go. If you have a project in your backyard, you may want to find a supplier with a smaller truck that will be able to deliver the mulch right to your project (save on the wheelbarrow trips). For larger projects, it is normally best to have a mulch supplier with a tri-axle dump truck. This will limit the number of deliveries the supplier needs to make to your project and save you money.

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