Organic Topsoil

Having organic topsoil delivered right to you home is one of the easiest steps you can take to grow healthy gardens and lawns.  We have enough chemicals in our food supply,  we don’t need to add them when we grow our own food.  One of the main reasons people have taken to gardening is because they want to control what is in their food.  Well, the root of the problem, pun intended, is that plants soak up everything they can from the soil they are grown in.  Using organic topsoil is the first step in regulating what you eat at the dinner table.

Organic topsoil doesn’t need the harmful chemicals and fertilizers that are used by the major agricultural companies.  Great organic topsoil has two components.  First, as we mentioned in a previous post, organic topsoil comes from the decomposition of plants and animals.  Second, the topsoil you purchase should be alive.  Therefore, your topsoil should have all sorts of healthy bacteria, protozoa, worms, and much more.  These organisms help continue the breakdown process that keeps your organic topsoil healthy and perfect for growing lawns and gardens.

Why Organic Topsoil is the best option

  • High levels of organic matter in topsoil act as a natural fertilizer, which is why there is no need for additional chemicals.
  • Organic topsoil holds the perfect amount of moisture to make sure the plants don’t go thirsty.
  • Tilth is necessary for growing gardens.  Organic topsoil is exceptional in this respect.
  • If you are growing local plants you want local soil.  Having local organic topsoil delivered is cost effective and great for your lawn and garden.

Buying Organic Seeds

The next step in producing a healthy garden is to purchase organic seeds.  Buy seeds that have not been genetically modified.  While the jury may still be out on GMOs but our philosophy is the earth provides everything we need.  There is a reason why nature doesn’t evolve rapidly.  Perfection takes time.  Instead of buying seeds that were made in a lab yesterday, purchase the organic seeds that have developed over hundreds of thousands of years.

Where to find organic seeds

Seeds of change is one of the top sites on the internet for organic seeds.  They claim “100% certified organic goodness from the ground up.”  As you can tell from their slogan perfection starts with organic topsoil and organic seeds.  They have a huge selection of vegetables, herbs, plants, flowers, and supplies.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply is also one of the top sites for purchasing organic seeds.  They have great prices, a massive selection, and low shipping costs.  In addition, they have a 100% germination guarantee on all Peaceful Valley brand vegetable seeds and they are signers of the safe seed pledge, therefore, their seed packs are CCOF and USDA certified organic in addition to being non-GMO.

Another option is Burpee.  They have been GMO free since 1876.  That is a pretty good track record.  They have a very large selection, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

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