Topsoil Calculator

How much topsoil do I need?

Use the Topsoil Dirt Cheap free topsoil calculator to find out exactly how much topsoil you need.  After years of answering the phone selling topsoil, I can tell you how 95% of the conversations go.  Customer “I need some topsoil.”  Supplier “alright how much do you need and do you need it delivered or are you picking it up?” Customer “I don’t know. Not too much and I was going to have it delivered but I can come pick it up in my friend’s truck.” Supplier “ok well we need to know how much you require for the project before we can tell you how much it is and whether or not it will fit in a pickup truck.”

Save yourself and your supplier the time know exactly how much topsoil or other aggregate product you will need with this handy calculator.  If for some reason the topsoil and mulch calculator is not working the math is pretty easy.  Simply take your length (in feet) multiplied by your width (in feet) multiplied by your depth (in feet so if you wanted 5 inches that would be 5/12) then divide the total by 27.  This will give you your cubic yards needed for the project.  Ex: 10L x 10W x (5/12) = 41.66/27 = 1.54 cubic yards of topsoil needed.

This topsoil calculator will give you the exact amount of topsoil you need.  Please remember that many of our suppliers offer bulk discounts.  Most dump trucks hold between 16 to 18 yards of topsoil.  If you need more than a truck load we highly recommended that you ask for bulk pricing.  Depending on how much topsoil your project requires, our suppliers may be willing to lower their prices. Many of our topsoil suppliers are willing to shave off a dollar or two per yard.  This cost savings can be enormous if your project calls for 10 loads of topsoil delivered.

Topsoil Calculator

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